Brian DeWagner

Brian DeWagner

Chief Inspiration Officer
Janie Lax

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Janie Lax founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Brian DeWagner, has spent a lifetime delivering creative and innovative social, sport, and recreational programs to kids and families. That programming has weaved a path through Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, YMCA’s of Western Ontario, and for the past 14 years in his role as a Student Support Counselor with a large Ontario school board. Janie Lax was founded in 2013 and quickly morphed into a grass roots movement with innovative approaches, accessible programs, and no or low cost participation. With over 40 NCAA partners, and a massive footprint in the US Lacrosse community, Janie Lax is an independent non-profit Ontario based program that is eager to change the way that we look at and organize youth lacrosse.

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